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    Credit Terms

    • Free automatic fractionation for CGD customers

      Elements has established a protocol with Caixa Geral de Depósitos that allows all bank customers, holders of private credit cards, automatic fractionation, at no additional cost, on purchases made from € 1,500 at Elements Contemporary Jewelery stores, from Lisbon and Porto.

      Payments are made with ease and speed at the time of purchase, through the TPA Netcaixa terminal at Elements - Amoreiras Shopping Center and Elements Porto - Peninsula Boutique Center

      Now you just have to choose the jewelry.


      This payment modality covers all CGD customers with a private credit card - Visa or Mastercard, with the following conditions of split payments * / without interest:

      2 months

      3 months

      6 months

      9 months

      12 months



      Privacy Policy | Amoreiras Shopping Center

      Elements Porto | Peninsula Boutique Center


      * Fractional payments do not apply discounts or other additional special conditions.

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