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    TBBOY COLLECTION is the jewelery brand created by @thebirkinboy, a digital influencer who built his social networking reputation by the puzzling and mysterious way in which he affirms his personality and style without regard to conventions or trends. His collection of jewels is ruled by irreverent aesthetics, without gender or taboos.  

    @thebirkinboy, a faceless character with no known history, who shares with the world his choices and experiences. All this sharing through instagram has attracted the curiosity of thousands of followers and the attention of international brands. A habitual presence at the Paris Fashion Week, it has become an icon of style, which does not end in stereotypes or trends and is found in timeless classics such as Hermès' eternal Birkin Bag, without gender boundaries.


    The TBBOY Collection is a reflection of this vision. Practical jewelery to be used every day by both genders, the female and the male audience. The collection is designed in the contrast of materials and suggest multiple conjugations. The result is versatile, affirmative and bold pieces, in the image of its author. The absence of cataloging of them, taking into account the gender, is one of its distinguishing characteristics and that The Birkin Boy tried to print, when it conceived the esthetics of this collection.


    "They are jewels that adapt to the various moments and situations of everyday life, because the days are not all the same, not even our state of mind or style, so the collection seeks to reflect the dual character that is intrinsic in each one of us and we live daily, "says @thebirkinboy.

    Dark silver, gold and emeralds are the main materials chosen to form the first jewels signed by @thebirkinboy, which stand out for the manufacture present in 80% of the production process of this collection.

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