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    Dos Santos

    Mémoire Soft Ring

    • Description

      Rings in white, yellow and rose gold with diamonds, in a new claw nailing, soft, modern and delicate.

      Available in the following versions:


      0,15cts G/VS - 895 EUR
      0,20cts G/VS - 1225 EUR 
      0,30cts G/VS - 1485 EUR
      0,35cts G/VS - 1755 EUR
      0,40cts G/VS - 1890 EUR
      0,50cts G/VS - 2225 EUR
      0,57cts G/VS - 2545 EUR
      0,75cts G/VS - 3100 EUR

      1,00cts G/VS - 4150 EUR

      (Picture features 0,50cts ring)


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    *Product is not available in this colour
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