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    Star Bold Ring

    • Description

      Golden 925 Silver polished ring with raised star.



      When picking jewelry and accessories you can reveal a great deal of information about your personality and psyche. At least this is what most psychologists agree upon. Still, what’s more important and essential in this respect is how you use those pieces. This refers to rings too, and of course the fingers on which you wear rings most often can also tell a lot about what kind of person you are and what characteristic features you have.


      That's why @thebirkinboy suggests to worn this Star Bold Ring on...

      the Index Finger
      Rings especially worn on the index finger of the right hand demonstrate longing for power. This also speaks for such qualities of character as discretion.


      the Middle Finger
      The middle finger is actually the best one to wear a ring you want to show off. Many psychologists believe that in such cases the owner of the ring wants to show off not only the ring, but herself as well.

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